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Learn. Network. Meet.
The Market Insight Forum combines conference sessions, peer networking and business meetings into a time efficient and focused event that is chosen by you and unique to you.

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If you wish to receive a complimentary invitation please email Sarah Holmes at sholmes@richmondevents.com or call her at 212-651-8770.
Who should attend
Who should attend
  • Senior market research professionals or corporate researchers (clients) who are looking to attend a strategic forum where no time is wasted, which is expertly organized and delivered, where they can truly learn and network and which offers a personalized itinerary based on their own selections.

    Top five reasons to attend:
    • Complimentary to attend
    • Elite peer networking
    • Personalized itinerary
    • Strategic 1-to-1 business meetings
    • A first class conference program driven by you and your peers

    Attendance is complimentary
    Attendance is free of charge, but by personal invitation only. Our market research executives or corporate researchers are from a wide range of industries and ranging from Fortune 1000 to mid-size companies in the United States. Our corporate researchers are researchers whose clients are internal. They are not involved in the sale of their research, analysis or services, and their work is not for sale outside of their organization.

    Qualification criteria
    Qualification for a complimentary invitation is based on:
    • Your organization's annual revenue
    • Your organization's annual market research budget
    • How much of this budget is under your direct control or influence

    If you wish to receive a complimentary invitation please email Sarah Holmes at sholmes@richmondevents.com or call her at 212-651-8771.
Unique Format
Unique Format
  • No time wasted
    Using our unique appointment system, we'll make sure that your valuable time is not wasted and that you are engaged learning about topics that are interesting to you and your business and meeting suppliers who you have chosen to meet based on your upcoming needs.

    Expertly organized and delivered
    Based on your choices, we'll let you know before the event who you are due to meet and which conference sessions you are attending via our on line event management systems. We will also make all the pertinent information available for download after the event including material from the conference sessions and details of all the supplier companies you have met.

    Business meetings based on your interests
    At Richmond Events we strongly believe in creating personalized itineraries based on choices made by each executive attending the event. We believe a meeting can only be beneficial and productive when there is a wish from both parties to meet. We are proud to offer the most professional and most time-efficient event experience available in the market.



Your Itinerary
Your Itinerary
  • You are in charge
    To maximize your time and productivity you create your own itinerary. Prior to the event you will select the conference sessions you wish to attend and the suppliers you wish to meet.

    Strategic 1-to-1 business meetings
    Business experts from suppliers companies are there to help your business grow and to keep you informed of the latest developments in their area of expertise. There are no stands at our events or any other kind of marketing outlets. The business meetings are the most time efficient way to forward your business, explore more effective solutions or simply educate yourself on the latest developments. Meetings will only be scheduled into your itinerary when they match selections made by you via our online selection site.

    Your time commitment
    • Registration opens at 7.00am and the cocktail reception ends at 5.30pm.
    • Eight to six weeks prior to the event we will ask you to complete a brief profile questionnaire to help us tailor the program to your needs.
    • Three weeks prior to the event we will ask you to select the conference sessions and suppliers meetings you would like to become part of your itinerary.
    • One week prior to the event you will receive your personalized itinerary.

    A taster of what your itinerary might look like
    7:00am Registration and coffee
    8:00am Pre-arranged breakfast meeting with a supplier and fellow executives
    8:45am Opening keynote speaker
    10:00am Mixture of conference sessions and supplier meetings
    1:00pm Pre-arranged lunch meeting with a supplier and fellow executives
    2:15pm Mixture of conference sessions and supplier meetings
    4:30pm Cocktail reception with fellow executives and suppliers
    5:30pm Conclusion
Attending researchers
Attending researchers
  • We have senior market research professionals or corporate researchers attending the event from a wide range of companies, which presents some fantastic networking opportunities. Get in touch if you'd like to see the full list.

  • “Great experience. Insights professionals rarely have the opportunity to connect and learn from one another, and this forum provided the perfect setting to do just that. The event was a great way to network, build relationships and learn about new suppliers, and emerging trends and methodologies.”
    Jordan Cusner, Manager of Consumer & Market Insights, McCormick & Company, Inc.

    “Great day. High impact and very efficient.”
    Dwane Morgan, Director of Consumer Insights, Under Armour

    “This was a great opportunity to meet professionals in my field”
    Paul McNamara, Director of Consumer Insights, Foot Locker, Inc.

    "The Market Insight Forum is one of the only external conferences involving research & insight suppliers that I make the effort to attend. It is incredibly well run by Richmond Events and every minute of the day is well used. I always come away with lots of good contacts and ideas. The staff at Richmond Events and the venue were also extremely helpful and accommodating. Thank you!"
    Kirstie Godwin-Day, Head of Market Insight, Open University

    "Stimulating and thought provoking - and extremely useful."
    Meredith Whitely, Customer Engagement Manager, eBay

    “Time well spent. The client-side presentation were interesting & thought provoking. The meetings with agencies were well worth my time. And I likely would not have connected with them otherwise.”
    Kathy Kozak, Director of Market Research, McKesson Corporation

    “Efficient use of time. Meetings not wasted on irrelevant topics.”
    Allen Broome, Consumer Understanding & Insights Director, Hallmark Cards, Inc.

    "Time well spent, the morning workshop's and presentations were excellent, The F2F meetings with the mix of suppliers was also time well spent, very informative day. Now need to follow up."
    Kevin Trever, Head of Marketing, Best Buy

    "One of the best. Very relevant and timely discussions of real value. Follow-up plans are already underway."
    Gillian Channer, Senior Director Business Operations, Oracle Corporation

    "A really interesting, well organised day - a great opportunity to meet a breadth of suppliers for both current and future needs as well as time for networking."
    Stuart Bluck, Insight Manager, Trader Media Group

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