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Our conference program is refreshingly different to what you're used to seeing at regular tradeshows and conferences. Why?

  • Built Around Your Needs: We create the conference program based on research and feedback from our clients, senior market research professionals, who like you are dealing with critical issues on a daily basis
  • First class speakers: Conference sessions are led by peers or industry experts, who give a high-level view of the industry, offering predictions and insights to help their peers form their future strategies.
  • Intimate sessions: Sessions are for small groups of under 25 executives and for corporate researchers only. This environment encourages attendees to be able to share best practices, successful case studies, and receive opinions and suggestions from their colleagues.

Take part in the program

If you would like to participate in the program, or recommend any speakers or topics, please email Sarah Holmes or call her at 212-651-8770
2018 Keynote
2018 Keynote
  • Tool or Threat? An Optimist’s View on Emerging Technologies for Insights Professionals

    Eileen Campbell, Experienced CEO, Board Director and Marketing Executive
    Doesn’t it seem like every few years, doomsayers are declaring the imminent demise of market research? The rise of DIY research platforms, social media as research substitute, big data and now artificial intelligence have all been presented as existential threats to research agencies and insight...

2018 Conference Development
2018 Conference Development
  • Topics under review

    The conference program is currently being developed. If you wish to participate, please contact Sarah at sholmes@richmondevents.com or 212 651 8770.

    • Innovative ways to uncover insight
    • Turning data mining and consumer insights into business intelligence
    • How to incorporate social listening into brand insights.
    • Global research without overspending
    • Faster ways to segment customers dynamically
    • Reaching the unreachables
    • Incorporating disparate data into a cohesive story and actionable strategy
    • Integrating methodologies to maximize decreasing research budgets
    • Effective marketing strategies for changing millennial families
    • How to leverage advanced analytical techniques to drive personalization, improved customer experience and business performance
    • Better understanding human behavior and experience
    • Advances in custom automation
    • Has the era of self-directed and observational mobile ethnography arrived?
    • The impact of new levels of data privacy and accountability
    • How to instill an insights-based mindset into the organization
    • Cross platform data reconciliation
    • Measuring ROI of social media beyond engagements and impressions
    • Understanding the modern day consumer – who exactly are they?
    • Driving proactive analytics to improve business results
    • Influence & impact: the future role of the market researcher

2017 Keynote
2017 Keynote
  • An Inconvenient Truth:

    How We’re Poisoning the Research Ecosystem...
    and How We Can Still Save It
    Rob Stone, Ph.D., Vice Chair, Insights Association

    Our ability to generate insights is threatened by tectonic factors, including the public’s unwillingness to participate in research, the disappearance of scientifically rigorous sampling resources and the imposition of regulatory burdens.

    This session will take a hard look...

2017 Workshops
2017 Workshops
  • The Power of Emotion in a “Rational” Industry

    Donn Froshiesar, VP, Market Research & Insights, New York Life Insurance Company
    How New York Life Insurance Is Activating the Emotional Drivers of Brand Preference Within Its Core Customer Segments

    This session will examine how identifying and understanding the underlying emotional drivers of consumer behavior can enable brands across categories to conn...

    Emotionally engaging ads are good… ones that motivate behavior are better

    Andrew Smith, Director Marketing Research, Hershey Company
    Emotional advertising has become the ‘holy grail’ to increase ROI on ad spending. However, many emotionally engaging ads fail to change purchase behavior. This shortcoming often occurs when the factors that drive emotional engagement with an ad are out of sync with the drivers of consumers’ brand...

  • Don’t inform. Align.

    Jess Lienert, Manager Global Strategic Insights, Johnson & Johnson
    The research is done. Thousands of dollars and hundreds of hours have been spent planning, executing and analyzing. Insight is achieved. A presentation to inform the team is scheduled – one hour, at best. Ok, time’s up. Questions are left unanswered. The team leaves without agreement on next step...

    The Insights Evolution: Using Data Science and Advanced Analytics to Understand Consumer Behavior

    Diana Schildhouse, SVP, Global Insights & Analytics, Mattel Inc
    After the recent presidential election, many concluded that “traditional surveys are dead.’ Learn how Mattel has evolved the approach to understanding kids and families by innovating with data science and advanced methodologies.

    Learning objectives:
    • Learn about cut...

  • Shrinking Consumer Insights Budgets

    Rachel Scovill, Manager, Consumer & Market Insights, Givaudan
    This is a discussion group or executive exchange moderated by a fellow research executive. In a small round table setting, 8 to 12 peers will share knowledge, expertise and insight on the topic.

    What happens when your consumer insights budget is reduced by 10%, 25%, or cut i...

    Gaining Negotiating Leverage: You Have More Power than You Think

    Frank Mobus, CEO, Mobus Creative Negotiating
    This workshop is designed to be impactful and fun. Our experience is that people learn best not when they’re being lectured to, but when they are being entertained and are participating in the learning experience.

    We intend to address one of the most difficult challenges people fa...

  • The B-Cubed Principle: How Custom Content Inspires Consumers

    Stuart Schneiderman, Executive Director, Insights & Analytics, Time Inc
    The B-Cubed Principle: How Custom Content Inspires Consumers is the product of two recent Time Inc. research efforts to understand how audiences respond to and engage with custom content, their trust in brands’ messages, and what consumers believe are best practices for brands to communica...

    Selling insight – learnings from the front line

    Yan Jiang, Director, Head of Business Insights, Rare Diseases, Bayer
    This is a discussion group or executive exchange moderated by a fellow research executive. In a small round table setting, 8 to 12 peers will share knowledge, expertise and insight on the topic.

    This discussion group is open for corporate researchers who already had the opportu...

  • Mobile is Changing Everything

    Tony Marlow, VP of Field Marketing and Insights, Oath/Yahoo!
    As digital media increases its pervasiveness in our lives, mobile has become the catalyst for changing the way we live. As the way in which consumers engage with various media continues to undergo rapid evolution, we see that activities such as media multi-tasking are more prevalent than ever bef...

Past Conference Programs
Past Conference Programs
  • 2016 Market Insight Forum speakers

    Escaping the Insights Trap and Winning the Future: New Strategies for Market Research
    Larry Friedman, Independent Senior Market Research Advisor

    From Projects To Programs: Building Integrated Market Research Programs for a World of integrated Marketing
    Larry Friedman, Independent Senior Market Research Advisor
    Mapping Consumers' Mindset of Christmas to Identify the Core Drivers of Their Seasonal Behavior
    Allen Broome, Consumer Understanding & Insights Director, Hallmark Cards
    A Researcher’s Role in Developing the Optimal Customer Experience
    Neal Kreitman, VP, Market Research, OneMain Financial
    Best Practices for Global Consumer Research
    Andrea Lopus Cardozo, Director, Consumer Insights, Brand & Product Marketing, Pandora Media
    Winning on Insight: How to Differentiate your Brand in a World of Parity
    Mary Jan Campbell, Director, Global Strategic Insights, Johnson & Johnson
    The Comcast Ethnography Project
    Paul Hockenbury, Executive Director, Research & Analysis, Comcast
    It’s 3:00 am, do you know what your Distinctive Brand Assets are?
    Joe Amati, Director, Insights and Planning, Kellogg Canada
    The Magic of Co-Viewing: How Children’s Content Fuels Adult Behavior
    Marc Normand, VP Ad Sales Research, Disney Media & Freeform, Disney ABC Television Group
    Quantifying Emotion: How TLC Increased Ratings by Strengthening Emotional Connections With Viewers
    Laura Staro Bruskin, SVP, Research & Strategy, TLC Network/Discovery Communications

    Insight to Action
    Yan Jiang, Director, Head of Business Insights, Rare Diseases, Bayer
    B2B Engagement & Customer Insights from Social Media
    Sharon Gordon, Senior Digital Marketing, Content & Social Media Strategist, Verizon Wireless Business Group, Enterprise Mobility & IoT

  • 2015 Market Insight Forum speakers

    The Business Value of Open Data, Joel Gurin, Senior Advisor at The GovLab

    Mining the consumer unconscious to understand the love of chocolate
    Andrew Smith, Director Marketing Research, Hershey Company

    Connecting the head and the heart:
    Understanding rational and emotional drivers of our brand
    Donn Froshiesar, Director, Consumer Insights, Global Experience Team, Citi

    The consumer insights & data journey: lessons learned and the way forward
    Carlos Jose Fonseca, SVP Marketing Science, MetLife

    The cross-platform, omni-channel attribution paradox
    Amarachi Miller, Director, Customer Intelligence & Media Solutions, MasterCard Advisors

    Keys to winning with today’s trending targets
    Mary McIlrath, Senior Vice President, C + R Research

    Bridging data science and market research – a roundtable discussion
    Jeanne Lukas, Head of Market Research, Aetna

    Turning shopper insights into company-wide memes
    Olesya Govorun, Director, Stategy & Insight, The Dannon Company USA

    The myths and realities of Internet of Things (IoT)
    Gokula Mishra, VP, Big Data & Advanced Analytics, Oracle Corporation

    How do wearables fit into our connected lives
    Scott Kerr, Executive Director Business Insights & Analytics, Time Inc.

    The new face of fatherhood
    David Iudica, Director Strategic Insights & Research, Yahoo!

  • 2014 Market Insight Forum speakers

    Drinking from the fire hose: Making smarter decisions in a data overloaded world
    Christopher Frank, VP of Business-To-Business &Communications Research, American Express
    Paul Magnone, Business Builder, Tech Strategist, Deloitte and Author

    Journey Mapping 2.0
    Tabitha Dunn, Managing Director, Customer Insights, Citrix

    Transforming The Customer Experience: Planning to Implementation
    Ingrid Linderberg, Chief Customer Experience Officer, Prime Therapeutics

    Consumer Behavior & Consumption Across Media: The Digital State of Play
    Tony Marlow, Head of Category Insights, Yahoo!

    Leading Through Innovation in Human Banking
    Maher G. Mezher, Head of Marketing & Communication, First National Bank S.A.L.

    Todays researcher > Tomorrows Researcher- Making the journey
    Bridget Mohring, Vice President, Market Research, JP Morgan Chase

    Consumer decision making - a behavioural economics perspective
    Stephen Phillips, CEO, Insight & ZappiStore

    Growing Globally While Thinking Locally
    Sarah Quinlan, Senior Vice President, Market Insights, MasterCard Advisors

  • 2013 Market Insight Forum speakers

    Always On My Mind: How Consumer Insight Can Become Part of the Culture
    David Boyle, SVP Consumer Insight, HarperCollins Publishers

    Information is the Difference that Makes a Difference
    Hal Bloom, VP, Market Research, Sage

    Our Love Affair with Mobile Devices- Its complicated
    Scott Kerr, Senior Director, Research & Insights, Time Inc.

    Companion TV Apps: Big Ad Impact from Small Screens
    Stephanie Fried, Vice President, Digital Insights & Marketing Discovery Communications

    Quantifying the Online Option
    Effie Philippakos, Manager, Business Analytics for AIG

    Big Data – A Microscope into the Social and Digital Realm
    Rafel Alcaraz, Ph.D. VP, Global Advanced Analytics, Digital Media & Strategic Foresight
    Mike DePanfilis, VP Shopper Insights, The Hershey Company

    Winning With Data: Digital Analytics Inside the 2012 Obama Campaign
    Amelia Showalter, Former Director of Digital Analytics, Obama Campaign, Amelia Showalter LLC

    Younger Millennial’s will Keep Calm and Carry On
    Leslie D'arcy Mallek, VP Ad Sales Research & Insights, MTV Networks
    Jillian Curran, Sr. Manager, Insights Innovation, MTV Networks

PRC Accreditation
PRC Accreditation
  • We proudly offer PRC credits

    In partnership with the MRA (Marketing Research Association)

    What is PRC?
    The Professional Researcher Certification program (PRC) is designed to recognize the qualifications and expertise of marketing and opinion research professionals. The goal of PRC is to encourage high standards within the survey profession to raise compe...

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